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7. Complete Set of the Hidden Springs of Custeriana Published by The Arthur H. Clark Company.
Each title was issued as a limited edition - usually 350 or less. As a result these titles are becoming
quite scarce and seldom offered as a complete set. Most books are in fine condition. Call if you have
any questions or want a more complete description.                                           $6,750.00

1. Kingdom In The West Series.  Eleven volumes published to date.Fine condition.  $500..00
8. Richard Hardorff’s Custer Series. These four books give the best account of the Indian views of the most
scrutinized Indian battle in American history.  The set of four. - Fine, no dust jackets issued.  SOLD
9. Holmes, Richard. Covered Wagon Women. Glendale: The Arthur H. Clark Company. 1872-1984. The
Premier pioneer women series published by the well-know Clark Company. Women’s overland diaries
Including several well-known lds women pioneer diaries - published here for the first time.
A fine set of first editions all protected with mylar sleeves.                                                                $SOLD
Selected individual volumes in this Series and other Arthur Clark Publications are for sale on this page.
This set contains the following 24 volumes. It lacks #1, 2 and  #6- the booklet.
1. Triple Combination (1981)   (NOT INCLUDED)
2. Holy Bible (1982)   (NOT INCLUDED)
3. Jesus The Christ (1983)
4. Articles of Faith (1984)
5. Hymnal (1985)
6. Booklet of Quotes (1986)  (NOT INCLUDED)
7. Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Pocket) (1987)
8. Small Brown Quad (1988)
9. Life of Joseph Smith, The Prophet (1989)
10. Gospel Doctrine (1990)
11. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith (1991)
12. Discourses of Brigham Young (1992)
13. Gospel Ideals (1993)
14. Gospel Standards (1994)
15. Stand Ye In Holy Places (1995)
16. Gospel Kingdom (1996)
17. Discourses of Wilford Woodruff (1997)
18. Miracle of Forgiveness (1998)
19. Biography & Family Record of Lorenzo Snow (1999)
20. Teachings of George Albert Smith (2000)
21. Selections from Doctrines of Salvation (2001)
22. Teachings of Howard W. Hunter (2002)
23. Sermons and Writings of President Ezra Taft Benson (2003)
24. Discourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley, Vol. 1 (2004)
25. Discourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley, Vol. 2 (2005)
26. Holy Bible
27. Triple Combination
14. Grandin PressNauvoo DiariesSeries. (My Term). This ‘set’ consists of four books
produced by Grandin Press:
Thomas Bullock Nauvoo Journal  edited by Greg R. Knight. 1994. (Limited to an edition of 500 copies.)
John Taylor Nauvoo Journal, edited By Dean Jessee. 1996. (Limited to 500 copies).
Eliza Maria Partridge Journal, edited by Scott H. Partridge. 2003.  (limited to 225 copies.)
Nauvoo Marriages and Proxy Sealings 1843-1846. By Lyndon W. Cook. 2004.  (limited to 500 copies.)
These books are long  out-of-print and are becoming very hard to find.         A fine set      SOLD
15. Times and Seasons. Facsimile reprint of the entire run of this most important Church Organ for the
Nauvoo period. An impressive production. Each volume (year) bound in red cloth with all edges gilt.  An exceptionally
nice looking set of this very important Nauvoo newspaper. The Times and Seasons was the “Deseret News” of its era,
full of doctrine, policies, revelations, church announcements and local and national news.
                                                                                                                                           New.  Sold
16. Set of biographies of early presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. Each volume is a facsimile reprint of the first edition of the book. All bound in matching black cloth with
matching embossing on the spine. The front covers are facsimile reproductions of the front covers of the first editions.
A very impressive set.  Top edge gilt.  
                                                                                                                                          New       Sold
13. Smith, Joseph Jr. History of the Church. 1960s reprint. Still the standard “must have” for anyone studying
Church History. A nice clean matching set.                                                                                     $SOLD
12. New Church History. Leonard Arringtion proposed and was given permission to proceed with a new
History of the Church. It  was projected to include 16 volumes. After reading the manuscripts for the first two volumes
(Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of  Mormonism and Heavens Resound, the General Authority over the project
suddenly canceled the project. The authors were left to find other publishers and as a result only ten volumes were
ever produced. Though this set was never completed and there was much controversy concerning some of the volumes,
this ‘set’ is the best attempt to date to produce a scholarly history of the Church.   A fine set. All in dust jackets.  
11. Classics in Mormon Thought.  Salt Lake City: Signature Books. Six volumes do date. Contains important
and sometimes little known writings and  sermons of some of  Mormonism’s best minds and provocative thinkers of their
time.  Fine in fine dust jackets.
10. Religious Studies Specialized Monograph Series. 17 volumes to date. Several of the titles were produced in
very  limited quantities and are out of print. View of the Hebrews, Peter and the Popes,,,, Manuscript Found and others
now command several times their original retail price. Fine in fine dust jackets.                      $SOLD
2. Vogel, Dan. Early Mormon Documents. Salt Lake City: Signature Book. Five volume set. Essential  in
understanding the origins of Mormonism. Replete with documents relating to the genesis of the Church.
A must for the historian in all of us. Fine in fine dust jackets.                                        Sold
5. Mails, Thomas E. The Pueblo Children of the Earth Mother. Two volumes. Mails tireless and
talented effort to document the natives of  North American have won him a permanent place art and history. This
two-volume set is replete with drawings and illustrations, many in color of the history of the Anasazi - ancestors of the
Pueblo Indians of  the Southwest. A must-have for those interested in native American culture.  Near fine in dust jackets.
17. Ludlow, Daniel L. (Editor) The Encyclopedia of Mormonism. New York: Macmillan
Publishing,  1992. Limited leather edition. Five volumes bound in blue leather and housed in matching blue slipcase.   
The idea for this reference work began with an inquiry from Macmillan in 1987, when Charles Smith approached Professor S. Kent Brown
at Brigham Young University (the two knew each other from working together on the Coptic Encyclopedia). Following a successful
meeting with BYU President Jeffrey R. Holland, a publication agreement was negotiated, and in 1988 a Board of Editors, with Daniel H.
Ludlow as Editor-in-Chief, was appointed. Three years later, the Encyclopedia appeared, bearing a 1992 publication date. It remains the
most encyclopedic coverage of Mormonism ever produced.
Macmillan advised the Board of Editors to produce a work that would still be useful 50 years later. Accordingly, the articles in the
Encyclopedia broadly cover the basic elements and enduring features of Mormon history, doctrine, scripture, organization, and culture.
.  .The  Encyclopedia draws upon 750 authors, and no author wrote more than three of its articles. It also includes many informative
appendices and a unique synoptic outline.
Among the reviews published about the Encyclopedia, the prestigious
Library Journal gave the following praise, “A tremendous
amount of material is presented here, and one of the outstanding strengths of the set is access to the material through the combination
of the [synoptic] outline, cross references, and index. With this trio, one could hardly fail to find a fact or thoroughly research a related
topic. Another factor that makes this an important resource is that the vast majority of the contributors are themselves Latter-day Saints.
Seeing the Mormons and their tradition through their own eyes, readers gain insight into Mormon self-understanding. . . . It is out-
standing in form and substance, and demands a place in public and academic collections.”
“Those who have written and edited [the Encyclopedia of Mormonism] have only tried to explain their understanding of Church history,
doctrines, and procedures; their statements and opinions remain their own. The Encyclopedia of Mormonism is a joint product of Brigham
Young University and Macmillan Publishing Company, and its contents do not necessarily represent the official position of The Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Daniel H. Ludlow   (excerpted from ).          
3. Significant Mormon Diaries Series. Salt Lake City: Signature Books.  Eleven volumes to date in this on-going series.
Many of the volumes in this series are out-of-print (** see list of titles below) and command respectable prices when
they can be found.                                                                                             A Fine Set.     $ SOLD
6.Mails, Thomas E. The Mystic Warriors Of the Plains. First edition. 455 pp.
One of Mails’ most popular books. Here
he documents the culture of the Plains
Indians as only he has been able to do.
Very good in very good dust jacket.